Volunteer application 2021

"Thanks again for the opportunity to volunteer. I had an amazing time this weekend. It was a great event!! Now... I MUST get dogs! " Melanie Sommerfeldt volunteer, WC2018 Sweden

Being a volunteer can involve everything from helping with breakfast for the mushers on race day, to be assistance at the star place or standing at a road crossing, help any of the referees with equipment control and more. It can also involve working with the web or to help out in the secretariat.

Work as a volunteer can mean long shifts, happy and satisfied contestants but also tired and disillusioned ones, new friendships and many experiences. One thing is for sure, it’s a week you will not forget!

We offer free room and board  plus a WC2021 Jacket to our volunteers. You will have to share the room with other volunteers. Most accommodation have 2-6 beds/room. The general standard will be hostel level.

Note. By applying to be a volunteer it does not mean you are guranteed a place. You will be informed about if you are accepted.

We will have limited volunteer number.

If you have any questions about beeing a volunteer. Send your questions to: 

E-mail: volunteer@sleddog2021.com 

I need accommodation
I do not need Accommodation
All days 10 to 14th of March
10th of March Wednesday
11th of March Thursday
12th of March Friday
13th of March Saturday
14th of March Sunday
I eat everything
allergy (if yes, note what kind in messages below)
Start and finish area
Secretariat/ Adminstration
Vet check/ assistants
Food/ VIP
Yes I agree
No (If you choose NO you will not be accepted as volunteer)


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